Dunamis Outreach Ministries
13220 Greenfield, Rd. Detroit, MI 48227

Our History

While June 9, 1991 marks the inauguration of the Dunamis Outreach Ministries Worldwide, Inc. (DOM), our history originates nearly a decade earlier. Born some place in the mind of God, glimpses of DOM began to emerge during an informal prayer meeting in September 1981. As a group of young, soon-to-be pastors gathered together in a room in Indianapolis, IN, the vision for our church began to unfold. The Lord spoke to Pastor Reginald Lane on that day and said, “Call it the Dunamis Outreach Ministries.” Armed with the name and the logo (also born out of that prayer meeting) Pastor Lane pursued the vision of DOM as an evangelistic team.

One year later, the Lord revealed to Pastor Lane the meaning of the word Dunamis during a course dedicated to the writings of Luke at the University of Michigan. As the professor read Acts 1:8 in Greek, Pastor Lane heard that familiar word that the Lord had given him just one year earlier. He quickly flipped through some resources and discovered its meaning. “And ye shall receive power…” Now more enlightened but still feeling unclear about the direction the Lord would have him to take, Pastor Lane tucked that nugget of information away and spent the next nine years devoting himself to ministry.

In January 1991, now married to Kelly Lynn Lane and the father of a growing family, Pastor Lane entered into an intense 30-day period of prayer where the Lord began to accelerate the vision He had given him ten years earlier. As Pastor Lane emerged from that time in prayer, he was clear that the Lord was calling him to build a church.

On June 9, 1991, with seven members, the Dunamis Outreach Ministries held its first service at the Marriot Hotel in Southfield, MI. The service was filled to capacity with over fifty people who witnessed the first of many powerful moves the Spirit has orchestrated throughout DOM’s history. It was in that small room, as the glory of God fell upon His people that the Lord gave birth to the unique expression of worship that this church is now founded on. Since that day, the Lord has continued to add to the church, saving and restoring people from all walks of life throughout the Metro Detroit area. As we continued to grow and expand, it was the Lord who made a way for us to move our service into a small office building on Northland Park Ct. in Southfield, MI in February 1993. From that first service, the Lord grew our membership from seven to over 1,000, and in May of 2000 we moved to 13220 Greenfield in Detroit, MI where we currently reside.

As the Lord revealed the many facets of the Dunamis Outreach Ministries to Pastor Lane on that fateful day in January 1991, He has been faithful to manifest those same blessings within DOM. The Lord has saved and healed a countless number of people since our inception and continues to transform the lives of each of our members.

Throughout our history we have found that God has used us as an instrument of change to influence the sound of worship in this generation. We were blessed to publish our first CD in the summer of 2000, Tears to Cheers, which is full of the revelation of Christ and is focused on glorifying His name. This musical celebration continues to bless and resource congregations nationwide and in parts of Europe. It is by this same revelation, experienced within the four walls of this relatively unknown church, that artists including Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ, Mitchell Jones, Karl Reid and Keith Staten (all formerly of Commissioned) have been taught and influenced. Other artists continue to be raised by God as both worship leaders and mainstream artists with a mission to reach the world through song including David Ivey, Bamm Davis, and Lexi.

The call to reach the world for Jesus has always been a part of our foundation. The Lord has blessed us to accomplish that work through radio, television, and now the web. In the fall of 2003, we established a church in Atlanta, GA, which continues to flourish by the Grace of God. We have also developed associations with churches overseas including the International Counsel of Rhema Churches in England and the Saleth Saline Ministries in New Delhi. It is by the grace of God and through the obedience of our pastors that we shall continue to manifest God’s will for this house.

Pastors Reginald and Kelly Lane have a vision for people. “Our strongest hope is that we can see people come to know God through Jesus Christ. Our vision is to produce men and women who love God with all their heart, soul, and might… and their neighbors as themselves. Our burden is to see people develop.” With this objective in mind, the Dunamis Outreach Ministries Worldwide, Inc. continues to grow, attracting men and women from every walk of life. DOM continues in its vision of developing people to be successful on all three planes of their lives – spirit, soul, and body.

In sum, the history of the Dunamis Outreach Ministries is not a history about DOM at all. It is a history about God in DOM’s life.

“For we are the people of His presence, and it is in His presence that all life begins.